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Accounts Payable

A ledger recording accrued revenue items. This is an accumulation of assets whose value has been incurred but for which no cash has yet been received.
Monthly reporting of outstanding receivables is done so that owners/managers are made aware of any outstanding receivables on a timely basis.
Statements with monthly interest charges can also be created based upon your company's policies, to send to the customers who pay partially, or pay late.

In accounts receivable we help you with:

  • Record and Account for Revenue
  • Prepare client's Bills and Statements
  • Credit and Collections
  • Input Receivable Transactions
  • Journal Entries Verification
  • Send out client-approved End-customer Bills and Statements
  • Maintain Standard Pricing Information
  • Maintain End-customer Receivables
  • Client-approved Adjustments Processing
  • Apply cash received to customer accounts and resolve "Short Pays"